Introduction to Digital Control System Lab.

In this Lab. researches on advanced digital control theory and their applications are carried out. Ability to handle micro-processors such as Atmeg128, DPS28335(28377), ARM is a basic tool to carry the researches. Auto-tuning algorithms for PID controller is one of the established technology of this Lab. Development of theories on Model Predictive Control, which is based on optimal control method, and Robust Control are carried out. Implementations of the developed control methods using micro processors are made and applied to actual systems.
Main targets of the developed digital controllers are power converters and electrical machines such as induction motor and PMSM. Many research articles on the control of inverters, rectifiers, and electrical motors have been published or under review in prestigious journals.

Research Topics:
  • Auto-tuning of PID controller for temperature control application
  • Control of AC-DC converter and DC-AC inverter for UPS application
  • Torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motors/induction motors
  • Regenerative Torque Control for Electrical Vehicle
  • Control of Battery Energy Storage System(BESS)